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I'm 18. things change like the season baby and that's alright.

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Im waiting for ‘Plant a Tree for Groot’ to catch on.http://best-of-imgur.tumblr.com
So many memories with my old bestfriend Adrian good ass times he was a great friend always making me laugh hahaha he was an idiot I wish when we went out I wasn’t so hurt at the end till this day I wish I would have talked to him to clear things but I can’t do that anymore time to move on.. hope my ex bestfriend/boyfriends life is getting better day by day.. I see it he’s djing now which I knew about it. Things all happen for a reason. Because now its time to float on.. and on..

Lol i remember when i was literally grounded for may and june this summer for smoking weed and getting caught now 4 months from getting caught i dont even like smoking anymore and i seriously forgot the feeling of being high on bud was like. That trips me out! :o

Im just a happy drunk except if you piss me off ill fucking rip your eyes out lol but it has to really matter to me!


Marrying young is not the end of my freedom. It means I want to travel and see the world, but with her by my side. It means I still like drinking in bars and dancing in clubs, but stumbling home with her at 2am and eating pizza in our underwear. It means I know that I want to kiss those lips every morning, and every night before bed. If you see marriage as the end of your ‘freedom’, you’re doing it wrong.

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